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Loyal to excellence

We are delighted to welcome you to Royal Flight Center. Royal Flight Center sets out to be different to other training providers. We are committed to excellence and our core values of quality, expertise, flexibility and innovation underpin all we do.


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Airline Training

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Innovation is our watchword. In a fast moving industry, we readily understand the importance of keeping one step ahead, of anticipating our client's changing needs and creating solutions to satisfy them. 


When it comes to maintaining training quality in aviation, only the highest standards will suffice. Our ambition is to exceed your highest expectation and our quality ideas are no better defined than in our company tagline "loyal to excellence".


Our Instructors are among the most experienced in the industry. This allows us to understand your evolving requirements and tailor our services to meet them, to introduce new training and management concepts where they are needed.

Our Desire For Perfection Makes Us Better

Reasons Why You Should Choose Us

Our commitment is excellence and our aim to exceed your expectations through high quality services. We are leading and training by example. 

We train future airline pilots by active airline pilots.

Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.

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