Our Fleet

Our Fleet

Ready for Take-Off 24/7

Our fleet consists of five aircraft always ready for take-off. 

Always maintained to the highest standards to ensure safe and efficient operations.

Tecnam P2008JC

The TECNAM P2008JC MkII is a symphony of up-to-date technology and composite fuselage, safe and easy flying with beauty both inside and outside.

Number of Aircraft: 3

All equipped Advanced Avionics (Garmin G3X)

Tecnam P2006T

The TECNAM P2006T Twin has established itself as the aircraft of choice for not only the world’s most reputable flight training organisations, but private owners alike.

Number of Aircraft: 1

Features: Multi-Engine, Constant Speed Propeller, Retractable Gear, Garmin G950 Avionics.

Grob G115

Grob G115 is a utility category aircraft with basic instruments used for Upset Prevention and Recovery Training.

Number of Aircraft: 1

Features: Utility Category Approved for UPRT and Spin Training.