Our Vision

We pursue in directing upfront a superior Training Organization in our Region. A conflagrant environment with a lifelong passion for learning striving in excellence in aviation training providing a professional and welcoming environment motivating growth personally and professionally.

Our Mission

Our mission is to administer our knowledge at its highest level with an outcome of success along with our key principles in our flight training. We are committed to provide a welcoming environment and inspire amongst us our values in safety and highlight the importance of our aim in encountering proficient pilots.

  • Loyal to Excellence

    Not just a slogan but our mission and our commitment to trainees.

  • Quality Training

    We guarantee the best quality of training in our region.

  • Brand New Aircrafts

    Our brand new fleet in ready for take-off 24/7.

  • Innovative Technology

    We use innovative technology ideas similar to Airline Operation.

We Are The Facilitators Of Our  Own Creative Evolution.

"Never again shall a single story be told as though it were the only one." 
John Berger

With our outstanding will to thrive towards excellence lets write your story together. 

The figures below is a sum of our instructors experience in the skies.

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Flight Hours
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Reasons Why You Should  Choose Us

Our commitment is excellence and our aim to exceed your expectations through high quality services. We are leading and training by example. 

We train future airline pilots by active airline pilots.

Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.


Our Partners

DCA Cyprus
Tecnam Aircraft
Grob Aircraft
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